Administrative Assistant


What level of English proficiency is necessary for an Administrative Assistant? CEFR English Level C1. Why?

Someone in this role needs to:

  1. Organize meetings (face-to-face and online), conference calls, and appointments for various Sector Groups;
  2. Make travel arrangements
  3. Assist with event planning and implementation;
  4. Follow-up on activities and projects of Member companies; handle or initiate replies to members’ requests and queries;
  5. Prepare meeting dossiers as well as meeting minutes and follow-up reports;
  6. Prepare regular reports; gathering, summarizing, analyzing data and updating specific databases;
  7. Archive documents and minutes
  8. Maintain office filing and storage systems;
  9. Read and direct incoming mail and process outgoing mail, letters and phone calls;
  10. Update and edit presentations, prepare graphs, help with data management;
  11. Prepare activity reports on request.

This job includes precise oral and written communication both internally and externally, although the language does not need to be completely flawless. For this reason, C1 level English is necessary.

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