Instructional Media Designer


What level of English proficiency is necessary for an Instructional Media Designer? CEFR English Level C2. Why?

Someone in this role needs to:

  1. Be responsible for all aspects of media development and delivery for online and blended learning programs and marketing
  2. Develop media content and storyboards for online and blended programs, working closely with learning designers and content experts (faculty and program directors)
  3. Work with content experts to develop scripts and clear narratives before the production process
  4. Train content experts for studio and self-production
  5. Champion the innovative use of media technologies
  6. Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process
  7. Review shooting script and raw material to ensure consistency and continuity from scripts/storyboard
  8. Create rough and final cuts, adding dialogues, graphics, and effects that follow style guidelines
  9. Assist in the review and evaluation of the effectiveness of instructional media across the lab’s portfolio
  10. Ensure all media assets have timed transcription to adhere to accessibility requirements
  11. Meet regularly with learning designers and content experts to report and review the performance of the content, seeking to amend practices to ensure continued improvement

This job includes precise oral and written communication to create content which must be error free. Editing of other people’s work is an important part of the job, and the worker needs to be able to train others. For this reason, C2 level English is necessary.

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